Home Office Securiy HD 720P Spy Hidden Camera in Wall Clock with Body Sensor and Adjustable Video Angle

Product Details

Technical Specifications


CMOS lens

Video resolution

HD 1280 x 720 with 30fps

Video format

AVI (Recommended players: storm player, KMPlayer, Mplayer and others which support multi format video)


SD memory card (up to 32GB)

PIR sensor

Area of 3–8m and 70° sector

Battery for video recording

Built-in rechargable 1000mAH Lithium Polymer battery
Standby time ~25 days (~600 hours)

Charging time

~5 hours at least

Recording time

~5 hours continuous recording (when fully charged)

Circle recording

When memory card is full with data, it starts overwriting the earliest recorded video(s). If you want to keep some videos, you have to change the video’s name, then it is not overwritten

Charging voltage

DC–5V or 1A power adaptor* (*not included)

Separate AA batterie*

for clock operation (* not included in delivery)

Supported systems

Windows ME/Vista/XP/2003/2000/98, Mac OS, Linux

Working temperature

Best use in room temperature

Working humidity

NOT waterproof, do not use in humid environment

Shooting illumination

Use it in well lighted environment, but do NOT face it to  powerful light directly (this may damage the lens)

Protection hints

It is an electronic product. Avoid heavy hit and vibration and do NOT use it n high voltage fields.

Dimensions / Weight

Ø 22cm, thickness 4cm / 500g

Package Contents

Video Wall Clock HD 720P, USB + DC cable, Stand, User Manual