Home miniature camera about image resolution

- Jul 21, 2017-

The image Resolution/resolution of the home miniature camera is the number of pixel cameras we often say, in practical applications, the higher the camera's pixel, the better the quality of the image, but on the other hand, the higher the pixel, the better, for the same screen, the higher the pixel of the product its ability to parse the image, but the amount of data it records will be much larger, so the requirements for storage equipment is much higher, so in the choice of the current mainstream products. Because of the camera price, computer hardware, imaging effects, and other factors, now the market on the camera on the basic level of 300,000 pixel sales.

And because CMOS imaging is not ideal for high pixels, the market for high pixel cameras is still a CCD camera.

Note: Some of the resolution is the identification of these products using software to achieve the interpolation resolution, although it can also be appropriate to improve the accuracy of the image, but compared with the hardware resolution is still a certain gap.