Several key factors for the purchase of wireless miniature camera

- Jul 21, 2017-

Wireless micro-camera Price: Price is the most important factor when buying, in the current market, $number around the camera has the greatest competition, because the camera is only part of the network instant messaging, not a key part. Because the core of the photosensitive chip is almost always controlled by several manufacturers. So in this respect everyone is standing on the same starting line. The most visible in the market is the photosensitive chip is COMs, using this chip because the price is low. and the current market on the business of CCD, it seems that the current is not realistic. The lens is also an important factor affecting the price, some of the camera lens front-end lenses are plastic, and better use of glass lenses. Of course, the price of glass is more expensive.

Appearance: The use of webcam users are mostly like the internet chatting of young netizens, there are some use of its purpose is and far away friends and family contact with, so in the appearance of the design is also very important, which is why there are so many different forms of the market. The shape of the eye, astronaut modelling, camera modelling, really can be described as a variety, dazzling.

Performance: Camera in the common environment of the shooting quality and transmission speed together determine the use of effects, small Tichong here to everyone, the camera performance can not be too bad, everyone in the purchase is the best in the field to do a computer test. At the same time, it is also affected by pixel factors and high image quality. Today, the mainstream product camera in the market pixel, the majority of 30.35 million pixels, the price of natural also rise. In front of the camera with the hands around the rapid swing, observation of the image is smooth. Good camera should be clear image, colorful, no drag shadow.

Installation: The camera is connected to the computer via a USB interface, which requires the installation drive. As long as the instructions, the general user can also install their own, as long as manufacturers provide qualified installation instructions. Maintenance is a long-term problem, because the camera structure has been relatively fixed, can only be upgraded in software. Famous manufacturers can provide system upgrades, in addition to software-driven upgrades users can also get more technical support.