What are the requirements for a home miniature camera?

- Jul 21, 2017-

1. Miniature cameras must be small

Home miniature cameras are designed to be compact, not because the size of the camera is easy to draw attention to, should not prevent the life of family members.

2. Easy to fix

Home miniature cameras need to be easier to install and fix, camera accessories to complete, no need to buy some extra accessories to help fix.

3. Preferably wireless

The home miniature camera is preferably wireless and does not need to be routed everywhere. Wireless surveillance camera can be placed freely, no wiring troubles. The only requirement is that you need to have a wireless router, and the location of the surveillance camera is within the reach of the wireless router.

4. Software installation, the simpler the better

Because the home micro-camera in the setting requires a certain amount of computer knowledge, so reduce the setup and installation of trouble, for the use of family members is very important.

5. Remote access via the Internet

A home mini camera is best for remote access via the Internet, such as in the office where you can check your home's real-time monitor screen at any time through your computer. If you can see the monitor screen at anytime and anywhere through your mobile phone, it is the best choice.