Basic Introduction Of Wireless Camera

- Jul 21, 2017-

A wireless camera is a new type of surveillance camera that embeds a wireless receiver into a webcam. It uses WiFi channels.

Complies with IEEE $number. 11B/G Standard protocol. WiFi is a wireless network consisting of an AP (access point) and a wireless card. An AP is generally referred to as a network bridge or access point, which is a bridge between a traditional wired local network and a wireless local area network. So any PC with a wireless card can share the resources of a wired local network or even a wide area network via the AP, which works as a hub or router for a built-in wireless transmitter, while a wireless card is the client-side device that is responsible for receiving the signals that are emitted by the AP. With APS, like switches or routers in general wired networks, wireless workstations can be quickly and easily connected to the network.

In short, when one end of the switch is connected to a wireless AP or wireless router, within the wireless/wireless router signal coverage, installation of one or more wireless cameras, the formation of a simple wireless video surveillance system, and audio and video display and management through the local area network (wireless network or access switch) of the computer to achieve, the PTZ control signal is also transmitted wirelessly. If the wireless AP or routing access to the Internet, the wireless camera dynamic domain name resolution and port mapping, you can realize remote audio and video monitoring.