How To Install The Wireless Surveillance Camera

- Jul 21, 2017-

The biggest advantage of wireless surveillance camera is that it achieves 0 wiring in technology, which is not only beautiful but also convenient to use and easy to move. The following is a detailed description of the wireless surveillance camera working principle and connection methods.

Wireless surveillance camera to achieve wireless monitoring, we need to have a complete wireless transmission and reception system. First, let's take a look at the wireless surveillance launch System. In addition to the necessary wireless surveillance camera, another indispensable component is the transmitter. With the launch system, it must be on the receiving system and that is the receiver. When two of the corresponding systems are installed, by setting up a surveillance camera to monitor the audio and video, you can use the network through the transmitter to transmit the signal to the receiver, and then through the transfer code will receive the signal presented, which is the work of the wireless surveillance camera.

Knowing how the wireless surveillance camera works, we need to know the specific connection settings so that we can use it. To achieve wireless monitoring, there are two ways to connect to a network: one, if the camera is not connected to the router, and the device has a wireless signal around it, then we can connect the surveillance camera to our computer through the network cable, set in port mapping, select Add, start UPnP this option, after configuration, you can achieve wireless monitoring; second, if there is a wireless router, then you can directly connect their own computer to wireless, wireless monitoring camera itself wireless components, Enable the wireless surveillance camera to assume the function of the router and achieve wireless monitoring.

The installation of the wireless surveillance camera is very convenient, the user can install it themselves, and the indoor installation will not destroy the beauty of the interior, as long as the wireless signal coverage, wireless surveillance camera can be moved anywhere. These are the benefits of using wireless surveillance cameras, but it's also inevitable. The first is wireless signal coverage and stability problems, indoor effective area of 100 square meters, outdoor effective straight distance of 100 meters, these are wireless monitoring restrictions. And the stability of the signal is also a big problem, only to ensure the stability of the signal to protect the picture quality. The second is the security of wireless monitoring, because it is wireless signal is more easily received by external devices, so must pay attention to the safety of wireless signal.

Surveillance camera to the user brought a lot of convenience, of course, will inevitably appear problems, but after all, advantages outweigh the disadvantages, so as long as we understand the use of wireless surveillance cameras, we can make it better for our life services.