Sharing The Appearance Of The Wireless Miniature Camera

- Jul 21, 2017-

Sharing the appearance of the wireless miniature camera

Characteristics of the hemisphere:

1, wireless micro-camera, wireless signal transmission: Camera signal can be wireless transmission, no need for additional wiring.

2, Remote viewing: Body in the thousands of miles away, you can also use the mobile phone and computer to view the camera picture.

3, with the Cloud table: 360 controllable rotation, by mobile phone, computer, flat-panel control camera angle.

4, beautiful appearance: Black and white two classic color, combined with streamlined structure, beautiful and generous, strong structure also has explosion-proof function, not to be destroyed by others.

5, the operation is simple, do not want the previous monitoring system as cumbersome, need to install a large number of equipment, as long as there is a router transmission signal can be.